Flavored Vape Cartridges

Late last week a court in Oregon struck down the temporary ban on the sale of flavored vape cartridges.

This court ruling did not address the issue of Vitamin E Acetate and its potential to cause harm to people who use flavored vape cartridges. (Vitamin E Acetate is theorized to be the agent which is causing the vape illnesses experienced within our country over the last several months. Seems that it may generate a gelatinous coating over the lung surfaces reducing oxygen absorption.)

As an abundance of caution we will not be selling flavored vape cartridges - unless or until the true source of vape illness is known. We apologize for this reduction of your vaping choices but feel this is the safest policy until the science is settled on this issue.

Thanks so much for being a customer - we look forward to serving you the best cannabis flower and processed goods at the most reasonable prices possible!

Will Garrison